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Do you know the causes of filter bag problems?

June 20,2022

The filter bag is also called dust collector filter. Sffiltech-China’s leadingmanufacturer of filter bags. After the filter bag has been used for a period of time, there will be various problems, which can attract our attention. Only by solving these small problems can the whole dust removal equipment work normally and smoothly. Then, what are the factors that are likely to cause problems in filter bags? We can learn about them together:


  1. Product quality filter bag processing is very important. In recent years, some small manufacturers have adopted small sewing machines as processing equipment, and used inferior threads as raw materials during processing. They confuse the fake with the real, and the processing level is particularly backward. Make the filter bag open, crack, drop the bottom and other phenomena after a short time of use. Of course, the cloth bag with smaller size can also be used, but after absorbing the dust with larger specific gravity, the bag will fall off after a period of use.


  1. The selection of dust medium dust filter cloth bag depends on the dust nature of the dust, and whether the dust contains acid, alkali or aggressive substances should be considered. Select suitable filter materials according to the nature of dust, so that the filter bag can normally absorb dust without affecting its service life.


  1. The dust removal cloth bag suitable for the corresponding dust temperature shall be accurately selected for the use temperature, which is the hub of the filter bag. If the temperature transition is too high, the selected dust removal cloth bag will exceed the normal use temperature. If the filter bag is light, its service life will be shortened, and if it is severe, it will be burned in a short time. Therefore, the inlet temperature of the dust collector must be measured and calculated when selecting the filter bag, and the corresponding dust removal cloth bag shall be selected.


  1. Filter the wind speed. The high filtration wind speed of the filter bag is the main reason for the damage of the filter bag.


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