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Do you know the process of making filter bags?

June 18,2022

The production and specification of the elastic ring of the filter bag is one of the key dimensions to determine whether it can be installed smoothly. The diameter of the ring is determined by the length of the blank. The deviation of elastic ring center distance shall be controlled within ± 0.5 mm. on the inside. The width of the elastic ring is generally 19-30 mm, and the riveting at the connection of the elastic ring should be positive, straight and smooth. The materials are generally spring steel and stainless steel.


The production and sewing of groove belt of filter bag are completed by professional sewing machine. The groove width of the concave strip and the thickness of the selected fabric are the key elements. The groove width of groove strip shall be uniform. When the strip steel is bonded with the elastic ring, the center of the groove shall correspond to the center of the width of the elastic ring, and the groove at the joint shall be aligned to avoid installation difficulties.


The mouth of the produced filter bag and the sewn bag are generally parallelogram, which are first sewn into a cylinder. When loading the elastic ring and groove components, pay attention to the neat edges to ensure that the groove width will not narrow when the strip is wide, and the circumferential seam is as close to the seam as possible. The edge of the elastic ring and groove assembly. When the filter bag mouth is sewn with the bag body, no skew is allowed. Generally speaking, the stitching for three weeks should be uniform and beautiful. The sewing thread material and the material used must be the same as or higher than the sewing thread material. In special cases, there should be at least one week of high temperature and corrosion resistance sewing. All stitches shall be firm and reliable without jumper or floating thread. The suture length is 3.3~4.2 mm.


The bottom of the filter bag is usually sewn with a reinforcing layer, with a height of 60~100 mm. (cut with professional cutting equipment) first, the reinforced layer is sewn into a cylinder, then sewed to the bottom outside, and then the splicing and gap stitching of the filter bag body are staggered. The perimeter of the reinforcing layer shall be single or double stitches, and shall be sewn for 1~2 weeks. When sewing the bottom of the bag, if a single needle is used, the needle distance shall be controlled at 4-5 mm, and the outer edge of the needle distance shall be 4-5 mm.


The bag body is sewn by a three needle six thread sewing machine. The suture shall be straight without floating line, jumper and off track line. The length of the trace is between 3.3-4.2 mm, and the outer trace is tracked. 2-3 mm from the edge. When sewing long filter bags, the stitch is easy to distort. During the sewing process, the upper and lower stitches are sewn together to avoid the distortion of the sewing bag.


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