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Does the liquid filter housing need to be vented?

May 11,2022

When installing the liquid filter, you need to open the exhaust valve. Please see the installation steps of the liquid filter below;



  1. Installation of liquid filter housing base: see the inlet and outlet directions before installation. The liquid shall flow from the outside of the filter element to the center, which is connected with the filter element


The pipe connected with the core socket is the outlet. There is an arrow on the filter pipe to indicate the flow direction. Do not connect it wrongly.


  1. Installation of filter element: 222 socket is plug-in; 226 socket is snap in type. If it is multi-core, the pressing plate shall be sleeved on the fin and the bolts shall be tightened appropriately (the filter element will be heated and elongated under high temperature. If the pressing plate is too tight, the filter element will have no extension space, resulting in distortion and deformation, affecting the filtering accuracy).


  1. Install the outer cover and connect it with the base with clamps (single core) or bolts (multi-core). Pay attention to the flat placement of the sealing gasket and check that there is no leakage at the sealing part.


  1. Disinfection of liquid filter housing: the new liquid filter must be cleaned before use. The filter used for sterilization shall be sterilized and sterilized. Generally, the disinfection work shall be carried out in the production line to avoid external pollution. On site steam disinfection shall strictly control the steam pressure and differential pressure to avoid damaging the filter element due to excessive steam pressure and differential pressure.


  1. When filtering liquid, first open the exhaust valve on the top of the liquid filter to exhaust the gas in the cylinder and let the liquid fill the cylinder, otherwise the flow will be affected.


  1. When the filter medium flows through the filter, there will be a pressure drop due to resistance (i.e. the pressure difference between inlet and outlet). In order to overcome this resistance and maintain sufficient flow, there should be sufficient working pressure if necessary. We have given the corresponding temperature and pressure limit values for each filter element. Please use it as required. To prevent the filter element from being impacted by excessive flow, be sure to open the valve slowly!


  1. When the optional pump is used together, please pay attention to the matching of flow and pressure. Vortex pump, infusion pump and other Self-priming pumps should be selected.


  1. The filtrate should be drained during shutdown. If the time is not long, it is not necessary to open the filter; If the time is long or the filtrate should not be stored for a long time, clean the filter or filter element.


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