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Effect of wind speed on bag filter

March 17,2023

Wind speed is one of the important factors affecting the performance of bag filter. In daily use, we will say that the lower the wind speed, the better the effect of the bag filter! The following is a simple analysis of this concept:

The diffusion of small particle size dust (Brownian motion) is obvious, the wind speed is low, the air flow stays in the filter material for a longer time, and the dust has a greater chance of encountering obstacles, so the filtering efficiency is high. Experience shows that for bag filters, the wind speed is reduced by half, the dust transmission rate is reduced by nearly one order of magnitude (the efficiency value is increased by 9 times), the wind speed is doubled, and the transmission rate is increased by one order of magnitude (the efficiency is reduced by 9 times).

Similar to the diffusion effect, when the filter material is filled with static electricity (electret material), the longer the dust stays in the filter material, the greater the possibility of dust adsorption by the material. When the wind speed changes, the filtration efficiency of electrostatic materials will change significantly. If static electricity is known on the material, try to reduce the amount of air passing through each bag filter when designing the air conditioning system.

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