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Efficient Treatment of Chemical Wastewater by Hand Brush Filter

March 15,2022

In many chemical production processes in China, it not only needs to consume a lot of fresh water resources, but also causes serious environmental pollution. How to control the discharge of chemical sewage has become an urgent task for efficient chemical production.


In the process of chemical production, due to the variety of raw materials required for production, there are many kinds of sewage discharged and it is difficult to treat. There are a lot of strong corrosive heavy metal ions in the sewage of chemical industry and other industries.


Although the traditional filter can effectively remove impurities and purify chemical water pollution, the filter is seriously corroded, the sewage treatment effect is not high, and the filter cleaning workload is large, which increases the difficulty and cost of chemical sewage treatment.


The appearance of the hand brush filter is made of stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance and can avoid the corrosion of the filter caused by strong acid and alkali. At the same time, its internal precision filter screen is set. When large capacity chemical sewage passes through the filter, a large number of impurities contained in the sewage will be blocked in the filter screen, the clean and clear water will flow out of the filter, which can effectively remove the impurities in the sewage, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying water resources.


In addition, as a representative of the semi-automatic filter device, the hand brush filter is built with a brush and brush holder made of inorganic materials. When there are too many stains in the filter, the filter will automatically use the brush to remove the impurities, dirt and other particles in the filter screen, and then discharge these impurities through the blow down valve to automatically clean the filter.


Finally, more importantly, the cleaning of this kind of filter can ensure the efficient filtering effect of the hand brush filter without affecting the operation of the equipment. Not only efficient, but also environmentally friendly.


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