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Factors to be considered when selecting filter bag companies

December 30,2022

As a filter element, the filter bag guide is a key link in the filtering process, and the filter bag quality determines the filtering effect to a large extent. At this time, we should be cautious in choosing the company that produces filter bags. So, how should we choose?

When selecting afilter bag company, the following factors can be considered:

1. Use conditions: The use scenarios of each filter bag are different. When choosing a filter bag company, we must choose according to our actual use environment (temperature, acid proof, alkali proof, fire proof, etc.).

2. Filtering capacity: the filtering capacity is mainly reflected in the efficiency of the filter bag. If the efficiency of the filter bag cannot meet the user’s requirements, it will inevitably have a great impact on the actual production of the enterprise.

3. Filtering purpose: the purpose of using filter bags by enterprises is to recycle or simply filter, which is also the information we must be clear when purchasing filter bags. This is also a problem that needs to be taken seriously when choosing a filter bag company.

Actually, there is no absolutely better filter bag company. Now, domestic filter bag manufacturers can have a lateral understanding of the company’s strength, production technology, inspection standards, etc., and then conduct a comprehensive evaluation.

In addition to the above, users should conduct product testing after selecting the filter bag company. Each filter bag company may adopt different testing methods. Users may recognize or doubt specific methods. The bottom line of users is thatfilter bag manufacturersmust conduct routine tests on each filter bag. By contrast, the method of testing is secondary. The leakage point of the filter bag cannot be found by visual inspection. Therefore, each filter bag must be tested on a special test bench according to the standard before leaving the factory.

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