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Features of washable air filter?

February 25,2023

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Washable air filter characteristics, the use of the process to pay attention to what problems: for most friends, the filter is not strange, especially for some families with high quality of life requirements, the installation of air purifier, or water purifier, will involve the filter. The types of filters are different according to the needs of different uses. For example, some filters are more suitable for industrial production, while some filters are suitable for family life. Next, we mainly talk about some characteristics of washable filters.
Washable medium efficiency air filter is more common in work and life. Its frame structure is aluminum frame. Due to the alloy material, the quality is relatively light, and it is easy to clean, which is convenient for the maintenance and maintenance of customers in the later period. The advantage of washable filter is that the filter screen can be cleaned. The internal filter screen is also made of alloy material, with less resistance and higher filtration efficiency.
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Different from the ordinary filter, the washable medium effect air filter does not need frequent replacement of the filter element, according to the damage degree of the filter element, in deciding whether to replace, the filter in use for a long time, you can use neutral detergent for cleaning, or the use of compressed air for dust blowing operation. It can be said that washable filters can be reused many times as long as there is no obvious damage.
Generally speaking, washable filter is often used in office buildings, shopping malls, stadiums and other places, its use effect is very good. Of course, in the purchase of washable filters, we must choose well-known manufacturers in the industry, and need to understand the cases served by the enterprise, do a good job of relevant investigation, in order to prevent the purchase of poor quality products, buy back, can not reach the expected performance.
Nowadays, in some engineering installation of ventilation equipment, it is necessary to choose a better performance filter as a supporting product, otherwise it will reduce the service life of ventilation equipment. Moreover, relatively speaking, the maintenance of the filter is often much simpler than the maintenance of ventilation equipment. Therefore, for some large shopping malls, schools, hospitals and other ventilation equipment use is larger, it is necessary to choose the appropriate washable medium efficiency air filter supporting manufacturers

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