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Filter Bag Classification Used for the Dust Collector Bag House

July 18,2022

There are many kinds of dust collector equipment, namely: filter cylinder dust collector house, pulse dust collector house, cloth bag dust collector, welding dust collector, industrial dust collector, cyclone dust collector, etc.


At present, the round filter bags are the most common used in thedust collector bag house, which are generally used for the pulse bag dust collector and PL single machine, pulse, MC, long pulse, etc. There is also a flat shape of the filter bag, generally used in ZC mechanical rotary blowing dust removal equipment and flat bag dust collector house. With the increase of the length of filtration time, more and more dust is attached to the inner surface of the bag, and the resistance will also increase or rise, which will affect the dust removal effect. After pulse and mechanical vibration, back blowing and other dust cleaning methods, the dust will fall down from the bag table to the ash bucket or ash bin.


Dust filter bag is classified according to the temperature material


  1. Normal temperature Bag House Dust Filter Bag:


Normal temperature cloth bag is mainly made of polyester, acrylic, acrylic and other fibers through non-woven, textile technology, and has good air permeability, smooth surface, good size stability, easy to peel off dust and other excellent properties. Mainly used for the general industrial enterprises with dust pollution industry dust removal and room temperature flue gas treatment and other fields;


  1. Medium-temperature Bag House Dust Filter Bag:


With the improvement of national attention to environmental protection, especially with the rapid development of the bag dust removal technology industry in recent years, China began to use imported synthetic fibers to develop high-performance filter materials that can adapt to relatively harsh working conditions and have a long service life. At present, the more common medium temperature filter material is aramid fiber, PPS series fiber through the immersion, waterproof, oil prevention, corrosion prevention process treatment, so as to achieve the ideal effect;


  1. High-temperature Bag House Dust Filter Bag:


High temperature cloth bag is mainly made of P84, puffed glass fiber, ultrafine glass fiber and other high temperature resistant fiber through textile, non-woven process processing, has the characteristics of good thermal stability, high filtration efficiency, long service life. It is mainly used in dust removal under various high temperature flue gas conditions.


Dust collector filter cloth bag treatment type


  1. Anti-static treatment Bag House Dust Filter Bag


Some dust in a certain concentration state, the spark will burn. Therefore, for flammable and explosive dust should be selected by antistatic treatment of acupuncture felt filter material. Antistatic filter material refers to the incorporation of conductive fiber (including binary conductive fiber, graphite wire conductive fiber and stainless steel conductive fiber) into the filter material fiber, so that the whole filter material has conductive performance.


  1. Waterproof and anti-oil treatment Bag House Dust Filter Bag


We use fluorbon resin and PTFE immersion treatment for acupuncture felt filter material, which is easier to catch dust for wet dust gas (especially for water absorption, pyrolysis dust) filter bag surface, to avoid and reduce the occurrence of paste bags.


  1. Easy to clear ash treatment Bag House Dust Filter Bag


The felt filter material produced by the patented technology itself is dense and breathable, has good ash cleaning performance, and can work for a long time at a high filtration wind speed.


  1. Peritoneal treatment Bag House Dust Filter Bag


When the particle size of the dust is less than 1 micron, or the dust has a large viscosity, or the gas-containing humidity is large, the ordinary filter material cannot be effectively filtered. Polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon) as raw material, with high filtration accuracy, smooth surface, will not adhere to dust; easy to clear ash dust will not penetrate into the filter material, to achieve surface filtration.


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