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Filtering methods and important components of filter bags

March 10,2023

Filter mode and composition of filter bag

The filter bag is the key component of the whole dust removal equipment. During the use process, the filter bag is vertically hung on the equipment. The fabric and design of the filter bag should strive to achieve efficient filtration, easy dust stripping and durable effect. The bag filter mainly includes two types: liquid filter bag and air filter bag. As a filter element, the filter bag is a key link in the filtration process. The quality of the filter bag determines the filtering effect of the user to a large extent, and can meet the application in various fields.

When the dust-containing gas in the filter bag passes through the equipment during use, its dust will be effectively collected on the outer surface of the filter bag, and the clean gas in the product will effectively enter the inside of the filter bag through its filter material. The cage in the filter bag in the equipment is mainly used to support the filter bag.

In this way, we can effectively prevent the collapse of the filter bag. Such equipment is also very familiar with the dust cake removal and re-design distribution. The filter cloth in the equipment is filtered by the thickness of the filter layer of the whole society of the enterprise. Such equipment is a kind of deep filtration. The deep learning and development direction of the entire filter layer is a three-dimensional porous structure formed by the three-dimensional space between the fibers.

The filter bag of the invention is mainly composed of filter cover, filter layer and main filter layer, which can effectively absorb grease in the liquid during use, and the porosity of the filter bag material can effectively reach 80%, which improves the service life of the product to a certain extent.

When in use, the filter bag is directly and effectively connected with the pipeline through appropriate joints. The gravity pressure difference of its fluid is a necessary condition for effective filtration. The biggest feature of this equipment is that it does not need investment, and the equipment is simple to filter, which is very suitable for small products.

The filtering method of the bag filter can be effectively divided into internal filtering and external filtering, and the section shape of the product can be effectively divided into flat bags and round bags. The temperature of the product in general use cannot exceed 250 ℃, and the cotton wool fabric is generally suitable for non-corrosive.

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