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Flow rate and filtration area of bag 2

May 06,2023

SFFILTECH #2 filter bag usually refers to a liquid filter bag with a diameter of 7 inches (approximately 17.8 centimeters) and a length of 32 inches (approximately 81.3 centimeters). The flow rate of SFFILTECH No. 2 filter bag depends on factors such as the material, pore size, thickness of the filter bag, as well as the properties and flow rate of the filter medium. Therefore, the specific flow rate of the #2 liquid bag needs to be calculated and tested based on the specific application situation. Generally speaking, SFFILTECH #2 filter bag is suitable for low flow and high-precision filtration occasions, such as electronic industry, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and other fields.

The filtering surface of SFFILTECH 2# liquid filter bag may vary slightly due to factors such as the material and fiber density of the filter material, usually around 0.25 to 0.35 square meters. The specific filtration area of No. 2 bag can be obtained by consulting the SFFILTECH filter bag manufacturer for relevant professional technical parameters.

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