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Function of Filter Element

January 04,2022

In the normal operation of urban gas pipeline network, filter is one of the important equipment. As the core element of the filter, the filter element plays the role of filtering dust and other impurities, but the filtering effect of the filter element will gradually decrease with the use time. Therefore, replacing the filter element has become an important part of the daily maintenance work.


What’s the problem?


In actual work, operators need to wear dust-proof clothing, dust masks, gloves and other labor protection and dust-proof appliances in advance. After “fully armed”, they use the method of manually removing the filter element for replacement. However, in the process of extracting the filter element, a large amount of dust will be taken out and diffuse in the air, which will endanger the health of operators.


At the same time, the falling dust is easily contaminated on gloves, masks and work clothes, which are not easy to clean, resulting in the consumption of labor protection articles to a certain extent. Operators generally recycle and pack the removed filter elements. In this process, fine dust will be scattered on the ground, which is very inconvenient to clean, seriously affecting the cleanliness and hygiene of the working environment.


In addition, the recovered old filter element is accompanied by and continuously volatilizes strong Tetrahydrothiophene (odorant), which seriously affects the storage environment of the warehouse.


In the face of these problems, we brainstormed, used waste pipe fittings for transformation and innovation, and independently produced the filter element bagging extractor, which solved the problem of dust hazard.


“First, according to the size of the filter element, we cut, polish and weld the waste pipes to make a filter element extractor slightly larger than the outer diameter of the filter element, so as to ensure that a filter element can be sleeved. Then, put the packaging bag removed from the new filter element on the filter element extractor, and remove the old filter elements one by one, so that the removed old filter elements can be directly put into the bag and fastened.


Then, roll the old filter element repeatedly on the ground to fully scatter the impurities in the bag. After rolling cleaning, the dust and other impurities on the surface of the filter element can be removed. Some filter elements still have the filtering function and can be directly reinstalled to realize repeated utilization; For the filter element that no longer has the filtering function, you can use the filter element extractor to put it directly into the carton, which greatly reduces the probability of dust scattering in the air.


At present, the filter element bagging extractor has been put into production and has been highly praised by other team workers. “Compared with the past, the operation time is greatly shortened by using the filter element bagging extractor. The sealed filter element also has less dust and lower odor than the past. The operation environment has been greatly improved. It is a good way to kill more with one stone.

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