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H11 high-efficiency air filter

August 14,2023

SFFILTECH h11 high-efficiency air filter can capture dust particles with a particle size below 0.5um, usually serving as the end filtration of the purification system and playing an important role in the purification system, effectively controlling the air cleanliness of the clean area.

High efficiency filters are divided into two types: particle media filtration and fiber filtration.

Particle media filtration mainly uses solid particles as the filter material, such as sand and gravel. Through the adsorption of the filter material and the pores between the filter materials, the medium entering the SFFILTECH H11 high-efficiency filter is filtered. The advantages of this SFFILTECH H11 high-efficiency filter are easy cleaning, high filtration efficiency, and fast speed.

The SFFILTECH fiber filter type h11 high-efficiency air filter uses asymmetric fiber bundles as the filter material. One end of the filter material is a loose fiber bundle, and the other end is fixed on a solid core. During the filtration process, due to the weight of the solid core, it will generate tension on the fiber bundle, making the pores of the fiber bundle smaller and improving the filtration ability of the fiber bundle. The modern fiber type H11 high-efficiency filter adds enhancement factors to the fiber bundle filter material, which combines the advantages of fiber filter material and particle media filter material, and has better filtration efficiency.

SFFILTECH h11 HEAP air filter has a large amount of pollutants, fast filtration speed, high filtration accuracy, long service life of the filter material, and can also adjust parameters such as filtration accuracy and filtration resistance according to needs. It is essential for the high cleanliness purification workshop of enterprises. Air filters are increasingly recognized by more and more people, improving air quality and ensuring people's health, and have been widely used, such as in medicine Food and other industries cannot do without various efficiency filters.

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