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H13 air filter technical parameters?

February 25,2023

Shanghai SFFILTECH Industrial Co., LTD. H13 air filter technical standard parameters

H13 air filter is a kind of high efficiency air filter, usually used for cleaning systems, can filter the particle size in the air larger than 0.1 micron and 0.3 micron particulate matter, the efficiency of 99.7%, greatly improve indoor air quality. h13 air filter has the characteristics of high filtration efficiency and low air flow resistance, which plays an indispensable role in the production of many industries, do you know? Let’s introduce this air filter in detail.
The filtration principle of H13 air filter.
H13 air filter is usually used for beer machine particle size above 0.5 micron and suspended matter in the air, using ultrafine glass fiber paper as the filter material, the filter material has the advantages of high filtration precision and stable performance. In the filtration process, fresh air enters the h13 air filter through the pipe. After passing through the filter, dust particles and suspended matter in the air are intercepted due to the small pore structure on the filter surface, and indoor air quality is greatly improved. h13 air filter according to the structure can be divided into two kinds of baffle and no baffle. Shanghai SFFILTECH Industrial Co., LTD
There is partition H13 air filter.
The middle partition with partition H13 air filter is usually made of high quality kraft paper hot roll forming, or with offset paper, aluminum platinum as the partition, with glue and wood or aluminum frame. This special structure has the advantages of high filtration efficiency, low resistance and large air volume. At present, there is partition h13 air filter on the market using double-sided adhesive coated paper as a partition, the purpose is to prevent the partition from being affected by cold, hot, dry and wet shrinkage. The HEPA filter is suitable for non-one-way process projects and a variety of purification equipment and cleaning sites.
No partition H13 air filter.
No partition H13 air filter is not placed partition, but the use of hot melt adhesive partition of the material, because there is no partition, no partition h13 air filter space utilization rate is greatly improved, usually 50mm thick without partition type h13 air filter can reach 150mm thick partition h13 air filter performance. What are the main technical parameters of coarse filter installation Shanghai SFFILTECH Industrial Co., LTD
The above is the introduction of H13 air filter, please help. Now the air unmanned problem is becoming more and more serious, and it is difficult to solve for the time being. The use of H13 air filter Air filter manufacturer may be more common in the future, and the technology is also better, which helps enterprises to effectively guarantee production safety

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