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Hazards of not replacing the air filter for a long time?

September 17,2022

Air filter is a kind of equipment used to filter air, which is mainly used for dust prevention and cleaning. It is applied to all plants, laboratories and electronic devices in the field. There are many models, which can be divided into primary efficiency, medium efficiency, high efficiency or sub high efficiency according to different use effects.We have a wide variety of air filters such aspleated pre-filter with paper frameandoil mist filter,etc.

For air filters, there are four types of hazards caused by long-term non replacement. Type I: when the exhaust volume of the filter is too small, it will have a certain impact on the production process. Type II: when there is a large resistance in the filter element of the filter, the energy consumption of the whole unit will be expanded. Category III: when the filter element of the filter is damaged to a certain extent due to various reasons, impurities may be included in the host. In serious cases, the body may be damaged or the host may fail. Category 4: when the actual compression ratio of the filter increases, the service life of the engine body will be shortened and the load of the engine body will be too large.

There are three main indicators for selectingair filters: filtering accuracy, flow characteristics and water separation efficiency.

The filter precision of air filter mainly refers to the maximum diameter of the material that can pass through the filter element. This is the key point. When selecting, you can choose the type of filter element according to different needs and effects.

Flow characteristics mainly refer to the filter element and body in the filter. A graph showing the relationship between the pressure drop through the filter and the internal air flow rate within a considerable pressure range. In application, it is more appropriate to select the pressure loss in the range of 0.03 MPa.

The water separation efficiency mainly refers to the ratio between the moisture content in the air at the inlet and the moisture separated later. Among them, the main influencing factor is the deflector.

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