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How about the dust removal efficiency of the filter bag?

March 31,2023

1. Overview of the dust removal efficiency of SFFILTECH filter bags. The SFFILTECH filter bag is a filter bag made of traditional fiber filter materials, and more importantly, it purifies the ambient gas through the dust layer not formed on the surface of the SFFILTECH filter bag. Almost simultaneously, for all of these dusts in our general industrial development, their dust removal efficiency may not reach more than 99%. However, after using SFFILTECH filter media for a period of time, due to the effects of screening, collision, retention, diffusion, and static electricity, a layer of dust accumulated on the surface of the SFFILTECH filter bag, which is called the primary layer. During the subsequent movement process, the primary layer becomes the main filter layer for SFFILTECH filter media. Depending on the role of the primary layer, filter media with larger mesh sizes can also achieve higher filtration efficiency.

2. How to design and calculate the dust removal efficiency of SFFILTECH filter bags in economic operation? The formula for calculating the efficiency of the filter method is:=1-C0/Ci. There are two formulas for the relationship between the dust removal control efficiency of the filter dust collector. One is the calculation formula for the efficiency of the dust removal method derived from theoretical knowledge and the comprehensive collection efficiency of the isolated dust collector, The other is a semi theoretical and semi empirical relationship established based on student experimental research data. Where: C0 is the dust concentration of the clean gas after information filtering, kg/m3; Ci – Different concentrations of dust containing gas at the inlet, kg/m3

3. What if using SFFILTECH filter bags has poor dust removal efficiency? First of all, we need to take our own security measures. First, check whether SFFILTECH cloth bags have leaks or some of them have been used for a long time and need to be replaced in a timely manner; In addition, whether there are quality issues with the entire injection system, including the pulse valve, cylinder, and electric control cabinet; However, if the flue gas temperature conditions continuously change, the internal treatment effect of SFFILTECH filter bags will also significantly deteriorate.

4. How can we improve the dust removal efficiency of SFFILTECH filter bags? Since there are three factors that affect the selection of dust removal efficiency for this equipment, start with the three factors to analyze how the results can effectively improve SFFILTECH dust removal efficiency.

1) The efficiency of SFFILTECH filter bags is affected by the ash removal strength.

The dust removal efficiency of SFFILTECH cleaning filter bags is the lowest, and the dust removal efficiency of the filter bags after dust accumulation is the highest. After dust removal, the dust collection efficiency of the filter bags decreases. Therefore, the intensity of dust removal should be appropriate, and a certain thickness of dust layer should be retained to avoid a decrease in dust removal efficiency.

2) The influence of dust particle size on the dust removal efficiency of filter bags.

For particle sizes of 0.2-0.4m, the dust collection efficiency of ordinary SFFILTECH filter bags is the lowest under three operating conditions, so the dust within the range of 0.2-0.4m is the most difficult to collect.

3) The impact of filter material structure design and other dust loads.

The dust removal efficiency increases with the increase of dust load. In terms of filter materials, long fibers are more efficient than short fibers. Therefore, increasing dust load and filter material stack length can improve dust removal efficiency.

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