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How can the dust removal filter bag improve the dust removal efficiency?

September 06,2022

There are several methods to improve the dust removal efficiency of bag type dust collector:
1. Select appropriate dust removal filter bag. We have a variety of dust removal filter bag,for example,thepolyester filter bagandPPS filter bag, etc.
2. After the resistance of the bag filter reaches a certain value, the ash shall be removed in time
3. Different wind speeds shall be adopted for dust with different particle sizes
4. Prevent condensation of bag filter
The dust removal filter bag is usually used to prevent the internal gas from cooling below the dew point, especially the bag filter working under negative pressure. As air often leaks from its shell, the temperature of the bag chamber is reduced, and the internal gas temperature is lower than the dew point, so the dust removal filter bag is wet. The dust will not appear fluffy, but will adhere to the dust removal filter bag, blocking the fabric holes, causing the dust removal failure. The pressure drop of the dust collector will become large, and the excessive pressure will not continue to operate. Some of the dust removal filter bags will not be able to remove dust. To prevent condensation, it is necessary to keep the temperature of the gas in the dust collector and its system higher than its dew point by 25 ~ 35 ℃ (for example, the dew point temperature of the kiln mill integrated machine is 58 ℃, and the operating temperature should be above 90 ℃) to ensure the good use effect of the dust removal filter bag. The measures are as follows: take appropriate heating measures. If far-infrared electric heaters and electric heaters are installed in the dust remover, or radiators are added in the bag room, the flue gas temperature of the main machine can be appropriately increased. Strengthen the temperature monitoring of the dust collector and the dust removal system, so as to master the operating conditions of the bag type dust collector and prevent condensation.
To reduce air leakage, the air leakage of some gaps of the dust collector body and the air leakage of the dust filter bag body shall be controlled below 3.5%. The air leakage of the process equipment in the dust remover system, such as the air leakage of the closed ash discharge valve at the discharge port of the ball mill, the air leakage of the closed ash discharge valve under the dust remover, and the pipe flange connection, are often ignored by the maintenance and management personnel. Therefore, the unnecessary air leakage is increased and the operating conditions of the bag type dust remover are deteriorated. Add raw material stacking shed. In cement production, the water content of various raw materials, fuels and mixtures is different. If placed in a fixed shed to prevent rain, the water content of materials can be greatly reduced. This is a measure to reduce the water content of materials.
Do a good job in heat preservation and rain protection of dust collector, pipeline and other relevant places. Practice has proved that good thermal insulation measures can make the temperature difference between inlet and outlet of bag filter very small, which is a measure to prevent condensation. The dusty gas shall be evenly distributed in the dust collector to prevent the occurrence of vortex at the corners and reduce the amount of gas passing through here to form local low temperature and dew condensation.
As long as the bag is not damaged, the dust removal efficiency of the bag filter will not be reduced. Even if the fiber gap of the bag becomes large in the later stage and the fine dust can pass through, the dust removal effect is still good. Generally, when the cloth bag is used for a period of time, the dust will enter the fiber gap of the cloth bag, which will improve the filtering effect. But the air permeability decreases and the resistance increases.
We have other filter bags,for example,theacrylic filter bag,FMS filter bag, PP filter bag, PE filter bag,etc. If you need to contact the manufacturer.

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