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How do you clean a filter bag?

February 11,2023

The filter bag is an important part of the mechanical equipment of the bag filter. After the filter bag is used for a long time, the dirt further affects its air permeability and plays a role in dust removal.

The cost of removing and replacing the filter bag is high, which increases the cost of filter bag. It is important to clean the filter bag. The cleaning of filter bag shall meet the following requirements:

Dust collection: use manual or mechanical equipment to make the filter bag vibrate at high speed through high-frequency vibration, shake off the dust attached to the surface of the vacuum cleaner, and remove the large particles of dust entering the bag wall of the vacuum cleaner. It is not easy to cause any damage to the color fastness of the chemical fiber, so as to remove the dust on the surface of the filter bag.

Organic chemistry experiment plan: the filter bag manufacturer obtains the filter bag filter material test, uses the detection instrument to inspect and test the sample, analyzes the oil stain component adhered to the upper side, and then uses relatively suitable cleaning materials to ensure that the cleaning of the filter bag is unlikely to cause damage to all mechanical equipment, which is carried out under the standard of cloth bag cleaning.

Traditional Chinese medicine foaming agent: organic traditional Chinese medicine preparation can remove oil stains in pores and crevices, and restore the permeability of the large-bottom limit medicine bag.

Cleaning: according to the characteristics of the filter material and filter material, select the appropriate cleaning agent for the filter bag and strictly prepare it. Use ultra-low temperature water for cleaning. During cleaning, ensure that the water quality is uniform, the pressure resistance is high, and the dust collection bag cannot be damaged.

Air drying: the filter bag is dried in 110 ℃ hot air. At the same time, ensure the reliability of the bag of dust collector. After drying, the filter bag cannot be deformed or shrunk.

Maintenance: repair the damage, corrosion, holes and cracks of the filter bag to ensure the high reuse rate of the filter bag.

Verification: select instruments and equipment to test the physical indicators of the cleaned filter bag to ensure the cleaning quality of the filter bag.

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