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How do you install bag filters?

February 03,2023

Detailed filter bag installation: liquid filter bag, dust collection filter bag

Advantages and basic principles of bag filter.

It is introduced that the bag filter is a working pressure filter device, and all system software includes filter vessels, support point filter tubes and dust removal bags.

[Characteristics] ① Large total flow; ② High filtration efficiency; ③ The filter bag has a long service life; ④ The uniformly distributed streamline makes the residue in the bag material uniformly distributed; ⑤ High impact toughness; ⑥ Easy to use, safe and economic development.

[Basic principle] The solution to be filtered is introduced from the top of the filter bag at the support point of the filter tube, so that the liquid is evenly distributed on all filter surfaces, so that the liquid in all substances is uniformly distributed, and there is no negative response of the flow field.

The liquid flows from the filter bag to the outside of the bag, and the filtered formula is intercepted in the bag. It is not easy to pollute the liquid in the pipeline when replacing the filter bag. The rocker in the filter bag in the design scheme makes the removal and replacement of the filter bag quick and convenient.

The whole process of removing and replacing the dust bag filter.

① Check that the pressure difference between the barometer of imported equipment (light yellow arrow symbol) and the barometer of inlet and outlet (blue purple arrow symbol) is 0.5~1kg, and prepare to remove and replace the dust bag in advance.
② Close the inlet cargo valve (emerald green arrow symbol), open the air compression valve (red arrow), accelerate the drainage pipeline, close the inlet and outlet valve (dark blue arrow symbol) after 5 minutes, close the air compression valve, relieve the pressure and open the outer cover.
③ Open the top cover of the filter device, remove the magnetic rod and old filter bag, clean the filter tube and put it back.
④ Put it into the dust bag and check the flatness of the placement.
⑤ Place the dust bag circlip (lower left figure), clamp the dust bag circlip clockwise (lower figure), and further clamp the circlip with a wrench and other special tools.
⑥ Close the top cover, clamp the clamp joint, close the automatic exhaust valve, open the import and export trade valve, and open the pump after removal and replacement.

Cleaning process of magnetic rod.
When the filter equipment is equipped with magnetic rods, it can be cleaned according to the following process. During the process of removing and replacing the filter bag, it can be put into the filter bag of the filter equipment together with the support frame.

Daily maintenance of filtration device.
During normal operation, the filter device does not need special maintenance. Pay attention to the following matters:

① All components shall be regularly maintained for corrosion or damage;
② After the goods are replaced or the dust bag is polluted, a new dust bag must be assembled;
③ The change of working pressure (the working pressure is different before and after filtration) will indicate whether the dust bag is polluted by the environment. When the pressure difference reaches 1.0bar, it is proposed to force the workers to remove and replace the dust bag, and the larger pressure difference can reach 3.5bar;
④ Ensure that the sealing ring and sealing surface are not damaged and kept clean from beginning to end, and be sure to replace the damaged sealing ring.

It is proposed to replace the sealing ring after the high-pressure vessel is opened. The gasket is often used many times, which may lead to unsealing.

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