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How does the pressure value of bag filter come from?

March 02,2022

As we all know, bag filter is a low pressure container for closed liquid filtration. The cylinder is composed of clapboard, filter blue, filter bag, sealing gasket and other accessories. The outside of the cylinder is composed of pressure gauge, exhaust valve, inlet and outlet, upper and lower heads, legs and other accessories. This is closed equipment that can separate the solid impurities in the liquid from the liquid.


So how does the pressure value on the bag filter come from? In fact, all bag filters that have used thissolid-liquid separation equipmentknow that it is driven into the filter by the liquid containing solid through the material transfer pump. The impurities and particles in the liquid are intercepted in the filter bag by the internal filter bag, and the clear liquid flows out through the outlet, Customers can determine the clarity of the liquid according to the accuracy of the filter bag. On the contrary, at the beginning of work, there are few impurities in the filter bag, and the pressure value of the pressure gauge will not have obvious data display. With the continuous filtration of liquid materials, the impurities in the filter bag will continue to increase, the impurities on the inner surface of the filter bag will continue to block, the number of the external pressure gauge will continue to rise, and the pressure value will appear on the pressure gauge, Generally, the digital pressure value is displayed to 0.4-0.5mpa, indicating that the filter bag has been blocked. At this time, it is necessary to stop the machine for cleaning or replace the filter bag.

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