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How effective is the multi bag filter in filtering hydraulic oil?

March 07,2022

There are several common bag filters in our market: single bag filter, multi bag filter, multi-stage bag filter and double bag filter; The materials include stainless steel 304316l, carbon steel Q235, PP polypropylene, etc. in fact, bag filters are suitable for many industries, such as chemical industry, food industry, beverage industry, oil industry, wine industry, etc. almost all of them related to solid-liquid separation can be used.


So how aboutthe effects of multi bag filteron filtering lubricating oil? Take the lubricating oil itself, which has good flow performance at room temperature and low viscosity. The effect of bag filter is remarkable. You can judge the quality of oil products according to the accuracy of filter bag. Generally, the filtering accuracy of lubricating oil filtered by our multi bag filter is 1-5um, which is the most common. The results are very good.


If customers need to improve the quality of oil products and buy a good price, they need to use multi-stage double bag filter system to filter. The effect is very good, and the accuracy can be improved to 0.1um. It should not be blocked in the working process. There is no need to stop and replace consumables and maintenance online. The effect is very good, and the oil products are clear and transparent, reaching the ideal product.


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