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How filter bag manufacturers conduct burning, pressing and anti-static treatment on filter bags

December 07,2022

In the process of burning and pressing the filter bag, the single and double sides of the needle felt filter material treated by the filter bag are treated by calendering and common singeing. The filter bag can not only improve the dust removal performance of the filter material, but also meet the requirements for the collection of fine dust to a certain extent.

In the process ofanti-static treatment of the filter bag, some of its dust will burn and generate static electricity due to friction when the product encounters sparks at a specific concentration. Therefore, when using the filter bag, the combustible and explosive dust will be selected as theanti-static treated needle felt filter material. In the process of makinganti-static filter bag, conductive fibers are mainly mixed into the fibers of the material, so that the entire filter material will have a certain conductivity. The needle felt filter material is treated with fluorocarbon resin and PTFE impregnated oil proof and waterproof treatment. The filter bag is easier to capture dust on the surface of the filter bag containing wet dust gas, which can avoid and reduce the occurrence of bag pasting to a certain extent. The product is produced with patented technology. The needle felt filter material for easy ash removal is dense and breathable, and has very good ash removal performance.

1. The required dedusting efficiency and emission concentration shall be determined in accordance with the relevant national emission standards, indoor hygiene standards and practical possibilities.

2. According to the characteristics of dust (dust content, particle size, viscosity, etc.), determine the flow rate of flue gas in the dedusting equipment, the required filtering area, and the dust removal method of the dedusting filter bag and dedusting equipment.

3. According to the characteristics of flue gas (temperature, humidity, dew point, pressure, etc.), determine the structural form of equipment, material selection, ash transportation and discharge and other main measures.

4. Determine the distance between all internal components according to the requirements of electrical control and safety production. Filter bag manufacturers have been vigorously used in China long ago. I hope it can provide you with great help and constructive suggestions.

First, according to the chemical name of the fluid to be filtered, find out the available filter materials according to the chemical coordination taboos. For commonly used filter materials, use PE, PP, PTFE, NMO. Then, evaluate and remove the unsuitable filter materials one by one according to their operating temperature, operating pressure, pH value, and operating conditions (such as whether they need to withstand steam, hot water, or chemical sterilization).

After using the filter bag for a period of time, problems like this or that often occur. These problems are enough to attract our attention. Only by solving these small problems can the entire dedusting equipment operate normally and stably.

After using the filter bag for a period of time, the product will crack, split and drop. Although the size of the product is slightly small, it can also be used, but after absorbing heavy dust, the bag will drop after using for a period of time.

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