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How is filtration used in hospitals?

February 03,2023

What are the high-efficiency filters used in hospitals?

First of all, the high-efficiency filter is used to capture particles below 0.3um and is used in places with high cleanliness such as photoelectric semiconductor, medicine, lens assembly, precision parts, liquid crystal display, dust-free spraying, operating room, etc.

II. Classification of high-efficiency filter: high-efficiency filter includes baffle high-efficiency filter and non-baffle high-efficiency filter. High-efficiency filters with baffles include: high temperature resistant high-efficiency filter, high humidity resistant high-efficiency filter, and high efficiency filter without baffles, including combined combined high-efficiency filter, HV type combined high-efficiency filter, liquid tank high efficiency filter without baffles, ultra-low resistance high efficiency filter without baffles, and high efficiency filter without tool holder, etc.

III. Characteristics of hospital combined high-efficiency filter:

1. The HV type combined high efficiency filter adopts the design method without baffle, and has a large dust capacity, which is usually referred to as several sides.

2. HV combined high-efficiency filter has aluminum frame, galvanized frame and stainless steel frame to choose from. The selection of different frame shapes will directly affect the price and cost of high-efficiency filter.

3. The filter material is high-density paper made of ultra-fine glass fiber. The filter material is folded to maximize the effective area of the filter material, thus reducing the filtering speed of the filter material.

4. HV combined high efficiency filter has a firm structure, which ensures good performance under turbulent conditions.

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