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How long can the primary filter be used?

October 10,2022

The efficiency of the general primary filter is between G1-G4. According to the analysis of the data mastered by the users of theprimary filter used in the air shower room, if the general users work eight hours a day, the primary filter should be maintained once in about 1-3 months, that is, the primary filter should be cleaned for 3 to 10 times, depending on the coarse filter screen you choose. If the filter material of the coarse effect filter screen you choose is too weak, it may rot after cleaning once or twice. If you choose washable material, you can clean it more often. Then there is the cleaning method. Try not to operate the cleaning brutally. Precautions after cleaning: The coarse filter screen is made of non-woven filter material with fine fiber, so the efficiency and strength of the filter screen will be affected after each cleaning. The manufacturer recommends cleaning as little as possible to avoid reducing the protection of the medium filter screen at the rear end!

It is a good method to determine the service life of the filter by using the differential pressure measuring device in the air shower chamber to measure whether the filter reaches the designed final resistance. As long as the filter reaches the designed final resistance, it needs to be cleaned or replaced.

The air shower is installed between the changing room and the dust-free room. The external environment and the frequency of use directly affect theservice life of the primary filter. Normally, the shower room is used 20 times a day for 3 months, and the surface color of the primary filter turns black, so the primary filter needs to be replaced; If the external environment of the air shower is dirty and the use frequency is high, the primary filter should be replaced once a month to ensure the effect of shower. Sffiltech – A leadingfilter bag manufacturerin China.

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