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How long do factory industrial filter bags need to be replaced?

August 25,2023

The replacement cycle of industrial filter bags in factories is influenced by various factors, including the following:

Filter bag material: Filter bags made of different materials have different durability and service life.

Common filter bag materials include polyester fiber, polypropylene fiber, glass fiber, etc. Generally speaking, glass fiber filter bags have higher durability and longer lifespan, while polyester and polypropylene fiber filter bags have relatively shorter lifespans.

Working environment and particle characteristics: The particle characteristics in the industrial environment of factories can have an impact on the lifespan of filter bags. If the particle content in the working environment is high, the particle size is large, or it has a sharp shape, it will accelerate the wear and tear of the filter bag, leading to more frequent replacement.

Running time and operation mode: The running time and operation mode of industrial equipment in the factory can also affect the service life of filter bags. If the equipment runs for a long time and operates frequently, the filter bags may wear out and become clogged faster, requiring more frequent replacement.

Generally speaking, the replacement cycle of industrial filter bags in factories ranges from months to years. The specific replacement cycle needs to be evaluated based on the actual situation, and the need for replacement can be determined by regularly checking the condition and performance of the filter bag. In addition, timely cleaning and maintenance of filter bags, combined with appropriate operating parameters of dust collection equipment, can also extend the service life of filter bags.

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