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How long is the filter bag replaced to use in housing?

December 27,2021

In order to know how often bag filters are replaced? Then we must first understand the bag filter housing.


Bag filter housing is very professional liquid filtration equipment. When in use, it can effectively remove particles of different sizes in the liquid, so as to achieve the purpose of liquid filtration, purification, separation and recovery.


The bag filter housing is mainly composed of three parts: supporting net basket, filter bag and filter container. During the use of the equipment, its liquid will enter directly from the side or lower liquid inlet of the filter container, and rush into the filter bag from above the filter bag supported by the net basket. The filter bag is expanded due to the impact of liquid and uniform pressure surface, the liquid material is evenly distributed on the inner surface of the whole filter bag.


The bag filter housing will effectively pass through the liquid of the filter bag along the metal support basket wall. During use, due to the discharge from the liquid outlet at the bottom of the filter, the filtered particle impurities are intercepted in the filter bag, and then the filtration process is effectively completed.


When the bag filter housing is in use, in order to maintain the high efficiency and smoothness of the filter; filter accuracy and ensure that the downstream liquid is not polluted; the equipment should be shut down after running for a period of time. When in use, the filter end cover needs to be opened, the intercepts and the filter bag should be taken out together, and the filter bag should be replaced. The replacement cycle depends on the actual situation.


The operation of bag filter housing is very simple. When in use, only the required fineness grade filter bag needs to be effectively installed in the filter cartridge. When in use, effectively check whether its O-ring is intact, and then tighten the annular bolt of the filter cartridge cover to put it into operation.


Bag filter housing, also known as bag filter, includes single bag filter housing, multi bag filter housing, mobile bag filter housing, thermal insulation jacket filter, etc. the filter precision can be selected in the range of 1-10 microns. Bag filter is a liquid separation equipment with novel structure, small volume, simple and flexible operation, energy saving, high efficiency, closed work and strong applicability. The following is a brief description of the general installation steps of the bag filter:


  1. Place the bag filter housing on the station to be filtered, and fix it after connecting the inlet and outlet flanges or pipe teeth; Then block the exhaust port, or configure the exhaust valve, and the jacketed type is connected with the thermal insulation heat source.


  1. Gently put the metal inner net into the bag filter housing to make the inner net neckline coincide with the bag filter mouth.


  1. Place the filter bag so that the ring mouth of the filter bag coincides with the collar of the metal inner net, and then put the pressing plate with magnetic rod into the equipment to press the filter bag tightly; Put the O-ring into the o-groove. The O-ring cannot be distorted or deformed. Fasten the filter bag pressure ring on the multi bag filter; Hold the handle of the upper cover with one hand and the other end of the upper cover with the other hand (turn the top hand wheel of the multi bag filter), align the upper cover with the bag filter port, slowly put it down, and naturally press it flat on the O-ring and the filter bag ring port.


  1. After the upper cover is aligned, tighten the two diagonal lifting caps at the same time, and tighten all lifting caps one by one (insert a short rod into the lifting ring and tighten it); Close the vent valve installed on the top of the bag filter housing.


  1. Please check whether the connecting pipes are firm; whether the working pressure is within the allowable range.


  1. Open the output valve, then open the heat source inlet valve, and slowly raise the temperature to make the filter temperature rise to the specified temperature.


  1. Slowly open the input valve to let the liquid slowly flow into and fill the filter to prevent the liquid from suddenly impacting the filter bag and causing rupture, and then observe whether there is leakage; If there is no leakage, start filtering.

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