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How much is a filter bag?

February 17,2022

How much is a filter bag? Filter bag buyers are particularly concerned about it. Next, follow Xiaobian to have a look.


Filter bags are generally divided intodust removal filter bagsandliquid filter bags.


For the dust removal filter bag, different fabric types, different weights, whether the filter bag head has a steel ring, the length and size of the filter bag, and the sewing process will affect the price of the filter bag.


For the liquid filter bag, the price of the filter bag is also determined by the material of the filter bag, the number of microns, the size, the material of the bag head and the sewing process.


The quality of products produced by a brand company is different from that of ordinary small factories. When the quality is good, the service life is increased, and the cost performance of filter bags is much higher.


Sffiltech is a brand company with 16 years of export experience in the filtration industry and more than 20 years of production experience.


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