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How much is an automatic sewage filter housing?

May 11,2022

The internal structure of the full-automatic backwashing filter is composed of stainless steel wire brush, stainless steel filter element and rotating parts. It is equipped with transmission motor and electric valve to automatically complete cleaning and sewage discharge. The operation method is automatic operation (or manual operation), and has the function of differential pressure or timing automatic sewage discharge.


When the water flows through the filter, the mechanical impurities in the water are filtered. When the impurities accumulated in the surface area of the filter element increase and the differential pressure reaches 0.05Mpa, the differential pressure switch sends a signal. At the same time, the electric control box sends a command, the transmission motor starts, and the blow down valve opens, and the impurities deposited in the filter element are brushed by the rotating brush and discharged from the blow down outlet. There is no need for personnel operation and shutdown in the whole brushing process. At the same time, the equipment also has the functions of cleaning and sewage discharge and manual cleaning and sewage discharge regularly, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of water discharge in any case.


Filtration process: when the turbid water flows into the filter element from the filter inlet, the oversized impurities and sundries will flow into the filter element of the filter together with the turbid water through the screen plate in the deflector. The impurities will be intercepted by the filter element, and the purified water will flow out through the filter element to complete the filtration process.


Forced flushing process: as the turbid water is filtered into purified water, there will be more and more impurities in the filtered element, making the water passing area of the filter element smaller and smaller, and the inlet and outlet of the filter will gradually produce a differential pressure. When the differential pressure reaches the differential pressure value set by the differential pressure controller, the differential pressure controller will feed back the signal to the electric control box. At this time, the driving device on the filter is turned on to drive the rotary brush for cleaning and sewage discharge. Complete the forced flushing process.


Product features of fully automatic self-cleaning filter housing


The fully automatic self-cleaning filter housing is applicable to various water supply systems, especially the continuous operation non-stop system. It can filter various mechanical impurities in the water and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system equipment. It is an ideal substitute for the imported filter, and all indicators fully reach the same level of the imported products.


Fully automatic operation, which can realize regular cleaning and blow down or differential pressure cleaning and blow down; The filtration accuracy can be selected from 20 ~ 3000um, with large filtration area and high pollution capacity; The filter element has special structural design, which is firm and durable; The backwashing flow is not cut off, the flushing amount is very small, and the water is saved.


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