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How much is the temperature resistance of PPS dust removal cloth bag?

July 09,2022

The temperature resistance of PPS high-temperature dedusting bag is between 170 ℃ ~190 ℃. PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) high-temperature dedusting bag (filter bag) is divided into domestic fiber and imported fiber from the use of raw materials. At present, domestic PPS fiber is almost the same as imported Toray PPS fiber, but the fiber strength is weaker, and the service life under the same working conditions should be reduced by about 10-25%; At present, the weight of PPS needle punched filter felt on the market is divided into 500g/ ㎡ and 550g/ ㎡, with an error of ± 5% g/ ㎡. PPS fiber should be waterproof. All technical warranties of qualifiedPPS dust removal cloth bagsfor coal-fired boilers meet the new national standard gb/t6719-2009. In order to cope with more stringent dust emission concentration requirements, when the dust emission concentration is required to be less than 10mg, PPS film coated dust removal cloth bags for coal-fired boilers stand out. The strength, oxidation resistance and hydrolysis resistance of PPS film coated dust removal bag for coal-fired boiler are significantly higher than those of ordinary PPS filter materials. PTFE protective film is formed on the surface and intersection of fibers to enhance the cohesion between fibers. At the same time, it improves the oxidation resistance, hydrolysis and corrosion resistance to sulfur-containing gases of PPS fibers, and alleviates the aging of other properties. Because the microporous membrane is coated on the surface of the filter material, the filtration performance in terms of filtration accuracy is significantly improved. After drying, heat setting and other treatments, the dimensional stability of high temperature resistance is improved.


Tested by Northeastern University (the industry recognized filter material testing organization), the good coal-fired boiler PPS dust removal bag is heated at 190 ℃ for 30 minutes and the shrinkage is less than 0.7%. It does not shrink under 20 minutes! When the instantaneous temperature is 190-200 ℃, it shall not exceed 5 minutes each time, and the cumulative time of a year shall not exceed 30 minutes; Not more than 10 minutes at 180-190 degrees each time, and not more than 100 hours in a year. Under normal operating conditions, the service life of PPS dust removal filter bags for coal-fired boilers in power plants is more than three years, and the emission concentration can reach 30mg/nm ³ following. The service life of PPS dust removal bag for heating coal-fired boiler is more than 2 years.


PPS dust removal bags for coal-fired boilers are widely used in: power station boilers, industrial boilers, coal-fired industrial furnaces, asphalt mixing, cement, metallurgy, electric power and many other industries for solid gas separation


PPS dust removal bag parameters

Gram weight: 500g/m2

Material: PPS fiber filament base cloth

Thickness: 1.7mm

Air permeability: 10-12m3/min

Meridional tension: > 1250n/5 × 20cm

Latitudinal tension: > 1300n/5 × 20cm meridional tension: < 25%

Latitudinal tension: < 50% acid resistance: excellent alkali resistance: excellent

Service temperature: ≤ 190 ℃, short-time 210 ℃

Post treatment: singeing, calendering, Teflon coating


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