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How should filter cartridges be distinguished?

January 24,2022

Filter cartridge is a common dust collecting device. It has the characteristics of high collection rate, low resistance and easy sampling in the chimney. It is widely used for sampling pollutants, such as particles, catering, soot, asphalt smoke, chromic acid fog and sulfuric acid fog. According to different materials, it can be divided into fiber filter cartridge and corundum filter cartridge glass. The most commonly used is fiber cartridge glass. The fiber filter cartridge glass is made of ultra-fine glass fiber, and the dust collection rate is 0.5 μ above m up to 99.9% or higher.


Although equipment and products are required, the use process is inseparable from the cleaning process. In particular, the product is mainly in direct contact with impurities, so if it is not cleaned in time, it will lead to blockage. The problem is that users must take this work seriously. After use for a period of time, the blockage will continue to increase. Therefore, the cleaning cycle must be properly controlled. Don’t always wait for productivity or reduced work execution time. After the descent, I remember it was caused by internal blockage. This will damage the equipment. It should be understood that if any equipment fails, the cost of maintenance and purchase is a small expenditure. Therefore, the use cost is reduced. To avoid excessive costs, please remind everyone that you need to check once a week. If there are impurities, please use a professional washing machine. The most commonly used tool is a high-pressure cleaner.


I think many people still don’t understand very simple content. In fact, this is actually the component used for filtration. This type of component is widely used in modern industrial production process. According to different media, this type of media filter element can generally be divided into two different types of gas filter cartridge and liquid filter cartridge. However, the filter element mentioned in our daily life refers to the equipment used for air filtration. This is mainly because most liquid filtration equipment is installed in the pipeline. In order to ensure the filtration effect and convenient installation, most of these liquid filtration devices are in a conical state. Therefore, the shape of the filter cartridge is different for buyers and users. It is easy to distinguish whether the equipment filters liquid or gas. The staff of relevant manufacturers said that no matter what kind of filter cartridge, it is very necessary to clean the filter if the filtering effect of the equipment is to be better.

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