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How to choose a mask?

December 07,2021
  1. Choose a mask with good dust prevention effect:

The dust blocking efficiency of non-woven mask is based on the blocking efficiency of fine dust, especially respiratory dust below 5 microns, which can be directly inhaled into the alveoli. It will have a great impact on human health, so when we buy non-woven masks, we must see whether the masks meet relevant standards.

  1. Select a mask with the shape consistent with the face:

As we all know, air is very active like water flow. Where the resistance is small, it will flow in that direction. When the shape of non-woven mask is inconsistent with the face, the harmful substances in the air will seep into the respiratory tract of the human body, so it cannot protect its own health, Therefore, when purchasing masks, we should pay attention to whether the design of masks conforms to our own face shape and buy practical ones, rather than choose some cartoons or beautiful patterns and special shapes.

  1. Choose to wear a comfortable structural mask:

When choosing a mask, try to choose one with appropriate size and light weight, so that it will not be uncomfortable when wearing, so as not to affect the focus of work for this reason; Nowadays, many masks on the market adopt arch structure, such as N95, 3M, etc. such masks can not only ensure good tightness with the face, but also reserve a certain space inside the mask, which makes us particularly comfortable when matching the mask.

  1. People who are not suitable for wearing masks should use them with caution

This is actually very important. Although masks can protect our human health, Xiaobian of the following groups still recommends wearing them carefully, such as people with heart disease or respiratory difficulties, pregnant women and people with sensitive skin.

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