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How to choose a variety of processes for high efficiency filter h13?

November 01,2023

There are many types of air filters for daily use, and high efficiency air filters without partitions are one of them. The use of high efficiency filter h13 advantages:

High efficiency air filter h13 is mainly used to filter air suspended particles below 0.3um, as the end filtration of various filtration systems. No partition high efficiency filter is a very common type of filter in clean engineering at present, it is separated by hot melt adhesive or plastic comb, compared with ordinary filters, it has the advantages of low resistance and high efficiency, thin thickness, light weight, large dust capacity and so on.

In addition, compared with rectangular channels with baffle filters,V-shaped channels without baffle filters further improve the uniformity of dust receptivity and extend the service life. Diaphragmless filters for ventilation avoid the use of metal parts, are easy to dispose of, and meet increasingly stringent environmental requirements. In addition to some special occasions with high temperature resistance and high safety requirements, no baffle filter can replace the baffle filter.

Therefore, whether to buy a partition or a hepa air filter, you also need to determine according to your own place of use and the requirements for cleanliness.


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