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How to choose high temperature dust filter bag

November 21,2023

High temperature resistant dust filter bag to help enterprises meet the requirements of environmental protection, to ensure the normal operation of production equipment.

Choosing the right high-temperature material and the right cleaning or replacement strategy is the key to ensuring the effectiveness of the dust removal system.

High temperature dust filter bag selection points:

Material selection: high temperature dust filter bags are usually made of high temperature resistant materials, such as glass fiber, high temperature resistant chemical fiber, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), etc., to ensure stability and durability in high temperature environments.

Corrosion resistance: high temperature flue gas may contain acidic or alkaline substances, high temperature dust filter bag has good corrosion resistance, not easy to be eroded by chemical substances.

High efficiency filtration: suitable for particulate matter filtration in high temperature flue gas, efficient capture of fine particles, reduce environmental pollution.

Heat resistance: With good heat resistance, it can run stably in high temperature environment for a long time, and will not fail due to temperature rise.

The main application areas of high temperature dust filter bag:

Metallurgical industry: used for flue gas purification in high temperature smelting process, such as smelting furnace, blast furnace, etc.

Power industry: Suitable for coal-fired, fuel and other high temperature flue gas power plant boiler dust removal system.

Chemical production: In the process of high temperature reaction, pyrolysis, etc., used for dust removal treatment of the generated dust.

Petrochemical industry: Used for filtration and purification of high temperature flue gas in petrochemical equipment.

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