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How to choose the best filter bag material for dust removal cloth bag in cement plant?

July 29,2022

In cement plants, most of them use bag type dust collectors, so the selection and use of filter materials used in bag type dust collectors in cement plants is the core technology of8 Best bag type dust collectors 2022, which plays an important role in the performance and effect of dust collectors. The dusty gas discharged from the cement plant has different characteristics according to different process, such as:

1. High temperature, such as the dusty gas discharged from the tail of the rotary kiln, the temperature is as high as 350-400℃, it must be treated after conditioning and cooling;

2. High humidity, such as shaft kiln and dryer, not only the temperature fluctuates, but also its humidity content is up to more than 20%;

3. The dust collector with high concentration, which is matched with vertical mill, extrusion mill and high-efficiency powder concentrator, can handle dust containing gas with a dust concentration of 700-1600g/m3. It is not only a powder collecting equipment in the production process, but also an environmental protection equipment for dust emission control;

4. Flame proof and explosion-proof, such as the dusty gas containing pulverized coal discharged from the coal mill.

In short, there are normal temperature, high temperature, high humidity, high concentration dust with combustion and explosion characteristics, as well as large temperature fluctuations, such as standing

Kiln bag filter should not only prevent bag pasting, but also prevent bag burning; therefore, these conditions are not unique when selecting filter materials for dust removal cloth bags in cement plants. Different filter materials should be selected according to different conditions, and corresponding technical protection measures should be taken.

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