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How to clean the backwash filter?

September 23,2022

Backwash filter is a kind of precision equipment that uses filter screen to directly intercept impurities in water. Many people want to know how to clean the backwash filter. In fact, the cleaning method is very simple. Let’s learn about it. 2022 Hot sellingfilter bags manufacturerin China.

How to clean the backwash filter

1. First, close the inlet three-way ball valve, pull out the hose, and then drain the black port of the prefilter downward.

2. Then use the right hand wrench to unscrew the white quick connector at the outlet of the prefilter.

3. Place the prefilter horizontally on the ground in front of the bottle, and then place the special wrench on the bottle from the bottom of the transparent bottle. Hold the screwdriver with the left hand and the special wrench handle with the right hand to loosen the filter bottle.

4. Take out the old filter element of the water purifier, and carefully clean the inside and cover of the filter bottle. Install a new filter element of the same specification, tighten the black cap, and then rotate the handle of the special wrench to the outside of the valve body to further tighten the filter bottle. Tighten the white quick coupling with a spanner wrench.

5. Insert the white hose into the water inlet of the prefilter and the other hose into the water outlet. Insert the hose as far as it will go, and then gently pull the hose outward so that the snap ring tightly clamps the hose.

6. Place the prefilter vertically and adjust its position, open the three-way ball valve at the water inlet, and then open the non pressure tap. After draining for a few minutes, check each connection of the machine to ensure that there is no water leakage and that it can be used normally.

What are the advantages of backwash filter

1. Reliable cleaning: There are various control options, including manual, differential pressure, time and PLC program logic control.

2. Simple and economical installation: various structural forms, suitable for various on-site installation, without affecting the operation effect.

3. Long service life: the normal service life is more than 10 years, and the filter screen is made of stainless steel. It is convenient to replace filter screens of different specifications as required.

4.Large filtering water volume: the pressure loss of the filter is small, and the water treatment capacity is large, up to 3000 m3/h;

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