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How to clean the liquid filter bag?

February 14,2022

The filter bag is a common accessory in the industry. The filter bag is used frequently and the working environment is dirty. We need to ensure the normal use of the equipment. Some customers will consider cleaning the filter bag and reuse it to save costs.


However, SFFILTECH recommends that users useliquid filter bagsas disposable consumables and try not to clean them. The reasons are as follows:


1) Due to the nature of its structure, it cannot be cleaned. Cleaning can damage its structure and fail to achieve the filtering effect. For example, fornylon monofilament filter bags, some users may think that if they are not used in some precision filtration conditions, such as water treatment, they can be properly cleaned and recycled at one time. However, in terms of fine production management and cleaning cost, cleaning may cause damage to the structure of filter bags and greater loss of filtration links.


2) Some materials belong to deep filtration, and impurities are intercepted in the deep structure of the filter bag, so even cleaning is useless. For example, needle felt non-woven fabric filter bag and high-precision filter bag. These two liquid filter bags intercept impurity particles by the fibers in the filter cloth. When the impurity particles reach saturation, the filter differential pressure reaches the replacement value. Because the impurities are embedded in the fibers of the liquid filter bag non-woven fabric, the impurities cannot be cleaned, so a new filter bag needs to be replaced.


3) Secondary pollution during cleaning. For example, when cleaning, because most of the tap water is used, the tap water contains a lot of impurities and bacteria, which makes the filter bag subject to secondary pollution. When used again, these things will run to the next process.


4) Bags with special surface treatment are easy to be damaged during cleaning. For example, the surface of the filter bag is singed. When cleaning, some fibers will come out and fall down into the liquid when filtering.


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