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How to control the quality of filter bag?

January 09,2022

Filter bag material: nylon, polypropylene, polyester, stainless steel, PTFE, etc. according to the filter, the size is divided into: bag 2, bag 1, bag 5, bag 4 and bag 3 (from large to small).


How to control the quality of filter bag?


(1) Turn off ingredients. According to the requirements of filter materials, select appropriate raw materials, including fiber resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and spinning ability. The oil itself must be conditioned in the fiber and do not use renewable raw materials. The quality of raw materials directly affects the quality index of the final filter materials, and all relevant personnel must strictly control the raw materials.


(2) Establish scientific and strict production process. In the production process of needle filter media, there must be a strict production process. Technicians must first carry out the production process, change the variety, first test the process, and then reasonably design the production process. To change the specification, we must test the process before we can carry out mass production through testing.


(3) Implement standardized operation. For the operators of each process, we must develop practical operating procedures, execute and check them. The equipment must be kept in good condition to ensure that the equipment has good operation condition and ensure the quality and performance of products. You must ensure that the equipment is hygienic and the environment is hygienic.


(4) Do a good job of inspection and acceptance. A semi-finished product and product inspection system has been established to strictly implement the standards. In case of quality problems in semi-finished product inspection, timely feedback and correction are required, and the product quality of each equipment and individual must be strictly evaluated. Implement the finished product inspection of national and enterprise standards. The finished products passing the inspection and acceptance can leave the factory.


(5) Do a good job in feedback and after-sales service. Do a good job in product information feedback, follow-up consultation and after-sales service. Delivery requires immediate acceptance by the recipient. When the receiving unit finds a problem, it will immediately notify the production unit to conduct a new inspection according to the standard. The manufacturer shall be fully responsible for any quality problems. Users are often asked to comment so that quality problems can be commented on in time.




How to make a filter bag?


Precautions for filter bag processing


After selecting the shape of the filter material used in the filter bag and determining the specification of the filter bag, the following problems must be considered in the processing process:


  1. The size is accurate, and the filter cloth size required for firing the filter bag of parts. The actual number of filter cloth is larger than the design size, leaving space.


  1. Correctly select the required accessory filter bag, determine its specification and inspect its quality; the filter bag accessories must meet the quality requirements of the filter bag.


  1. The filter bag is preferably drawn, cut, and sewn on an automatic production line. When handling the filter bag by hand, it must be unfolded and operated on the platform, and a certain tension must be applied to keep it flat.


  1. The processing process must strictly implement the quality standards and be carried out in accordance with the design drawings and operation technology. Operators must abide by necessary tools, clothes, shoes and hats, and strictly prohibit smoking.


The operator will be responsible for the products I process according to the maximum reliability, quality first, and check them one by one to eliminate waste, residues and defective products from the source.


Seam filter bag


The suture material of the filter bag must generally be the same as the filter material. In special cases, when different suture materials need to be used for suture, the resistance, heat resistance and chemical resistance of suture are better than those of the same materials as filter materials.


  • Number of rows of needles filter bag the longitudinal needles of the main body of the filter bag must be firm, straight and not less than three. The bottom and mouth of the bag can be sewn with single needle or double needle according to different requirements. The density of the filter bag needle is related to the filter bag material. It not only ensures the tightness and resistance of the suture, does not allow dust to escape, but also has no resistance to the damage of the filter material. Needle density of chemical fiber filter bag in 250px needle (25 ± 5); the needle density of the glass fiber filter material of the filter bag shall not be too high. The joint width of the filter bag is related to the material of the filter material, usually 9-300px. The distance between the outermost needle and the edge of the filter material: 2-3mm for needle felt and 5-8mm for glass fiber. In addition to sewing filter bags, there is also a method of gluing with glue, and the bonding quality is the same as that of sewing.

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