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How to detect the pressure value of bag filter?

March 03,2022

As we all know, thebag filterhas pressure indication during work. The pressure value is displayed on the pressure gauge. How to detect this data is explained for friends’ reference?


  1. The bag filter manufactured by each manufacturer will detect the pressure value of the equipment before leaving the factory, but the detection methods are different. Generally, there are water pressure test, air pressure test and other methods. The pressure value is generally tested to the bearing limit of the filter, and the pressure value is the internal pressure of the filter.


  1. The bag filter produced by Sffiltech Company can make high pressure bag filter and low-pressure bag filter according to the requirements of customers and friends; generally, the test pressure of high-pressure filter is >2MPa and that of low-pressure filter is > 1.6Mpa. It is recommended that the customer use the pressure of high-pressure bag filter < 1.5MPa and the pressure of low-pressure bag filter < 0.6MPa.

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