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How to determine whether the activated carbon filter is saturated?

October 28,2022

To determine whether the activated carbon is still effective, take a certain amount of new activated carbon and use colored water for the adsorption experiment. For example, use a mineral water bottle, take the activated carbon from the * bottle cap (the amount of activated carbon can be determined by yourself), add clean water (the amount can be determined by yourself, but not too much) into the bottle, pour the activated carbon into the bottle, drop a few drops of xanthate or methyl blue (the amount can be determined by yourself, but not too much), shake or stand for a certain period of time, Then take out the solution in the bottle (no active carbon), which is solution A. In addition, repeat the above steps, but only add drugs without adding active carbon to serve as solution B without active carbon treatment. The activated carbon after use can be used for experimental comparison. If the water color in the bottle is between solution A or solution B, you can judge whether the activated carbon is still effective. It should be noted that the amount of activated carbon, water, medicine and shaking time must be fixed.

Supplementary notes:

1. The pores of activated carbon are generally divided into large pores, medium pores and micropores, which means that there are three kinds of pores in each activated carbon. As for which one has more components, it depends on the raw material and manufacturing conditions.

2. Coconut shell activated carbon is recommended to be used because of its high adsorption capacity, apparent density of which is mostly lower than 0.45 g/ml, and ash content of which is mostly lower than 5%. The lower the specific gravity and ash content of activated carbon, the higher the ratio of pores to inorganic salts and impurities. Therefore, the adsorption capacity is relatively improved, while the specific gravity and ash content of coal are relatively high, which is certainly not the case, If there is special treatment in advance. However, most of the activated carbon that I contact for solvent adsorption is made of coconut shell, so it is recommended to use coconut shell activated carbon. In fact, it is also cheaper to use coal, as long as it is not recycled by the factory, because no one knows what remains inside.

3. In the manufacturing process of activated carbon, the temperature control in the activation furnace is very important, because the temperature determines the adsorption capacity and loss rate of activated carbon, because the higher the temperature is, the easier it is to burn the activated carbon to ash, but the more it can remove the adsorbed substances.

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