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How to filter industrial wastewater by self cleaning filter housing?

June 01,2022

The design water of the self-cleaning filter housing enters from the inlet. First, the impurities and residues of larger particles are filtered through the coarse filter element, and then to the fine filter element. During the filtration process, the fine filter element gradually accumulates foreign matters and impurity residues in the water, resulting in a filter impurity residue layer. Therefore, the impurity residue layer accumulates at the rear side of the fine filter element, resulting in a pressure difference between the inner and outer right sides of the fine filter element. When the pressure difference of the self-cleaning filter housing exceeds the system variable, the automatic washing process will start. At this time, the white water supply will continue to flow, the washing valve will be opened, and the water pressure in the washing room and the trash absorber will drop greatly. With the help of the air flow rate between the filter cartridge and the trash suction pipe, a suction force will be created between the trash suction pipe and the washing room with the help of the suction nozzle, resulting in a trash suction process. At the same time, the power transmission and distribution motor drives the sewage suction pipe to make a spiral movement along the shaft diameter. The combination of the shaft diameter movement and the dragging movement of the dirt absorber completely washes the inner surface of the entire filter element.


Structure diagram of self-cleaning filter housing


Because the self-cleaning filtration system can deeply purify the clean water properly treated, it can be widely used in printing and dyeing plants, printing and dyeing plants, metallurgy, and other manufacturing industries where the wastewater is difficult to be properly treated.

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