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How to replace the PP bag filter bag?

March 10,2023

The fusion of polypropylene dissolving layer and isolating layer of PP bag filter makes the rated precision between 0.1 and 30 microns. The new end caps for polypropylene filters meet most standard sanitary conditions. It is an ideal main filter. These efficient filter buckets can be used in a variety of applications.

The steps to replace the PP bag filter bag are as follows:

1) The high-efficiency filter bag is made of fine fiber. These materials have weak hydrophilicity. The surface of the fiber will not be wetted by water. Therefore, like other filter elements using the same material, it must be wetted with another liquid with low surface tension before use. Before installation, make sure to immerse the filter bag in the pre-wetting solution matching the filtrate for several minutes.

2) Open the upper cover of the bag filter.

3) Hold the cover firmly and take out the filter bag carefully.

4) Put in a new filter bag, please refer to the installation process.

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