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How to select PP filter bag manufacturer

February 17,2023

Many customers will directly seek cooperation from the manufacturer when purchasing filter bags. Non-woven fabric filter bag, namely PP filter bag, is made of polypropylene fiber filter cloth. The production of filter bags also needs to be strictly controlled.

First of all, let’s understand that PP filter material is a deep type filter material with excellent chemical resistance, high flow rate, low resistance, no pollution and long service life.

The advantages of filter bag use should be seen from the different materials of filter bag. This filter equipment is composed of many materials, usually liquid filter bag. There are three types of filter bag on the buckle: stainless steel buckle, PP buckle and PE plastic buckle. The advantage of this liquid filter bag is that it uses advanced sewing technology and high-speed sewing technology without silicone oil cooling, so there is no silicone oil pollution, At the same time, it also avoids the side leakage caused by the pinhole. In the process of actual use, the filtering accuracy range is higher and the pollution is smaller.

Main product parameters of filter bag

Material: PP
Filtering precision: 1-250 μ m
Standard size of filter bag: standard model P1S 180 * 450, standard model P2S 180 * 810, standard model P3S 105 * 230, standard model P4S 105 * 380, special requirements can be customized
Filter bag ring mouth: steel ring, plastic ring, binding band
Seaming process: steel ring seam, plastic ring hot melt

Polypropylene PP filter bag function

1. PP is a non-toxic and tasteless milky white high crystalline polymer. It is the lightest of all plastics at present. It is particularly stable in water. The absorption rate in water for 14 hours is only 0.01%. The molecular weight is between 80000-15000, with good formability and good gloss.

2. PP has high crystallinity and regular structure, and mechanical properties are higher than PE, while PE has good strength, hardness and high elasticity. The prevention of bending fatigue (7107) is characterized by dry friction. The trace damage coefficient of the folding curve is similar to that of nylon, but not as good as that of nylon in oil lubrication.

3. PP has strong heat resistance, melting point 164-170, and can be sterilized at temperatures above 100. PP will not deform 150 under external force. The brittleness is – 35, less than – 35 will cause brittleness, and the heat resistance is not as good as PE.

4. Polypropylene PP filter bag can not only be corroded by concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid, but also be relatively stable to various other chemical reagents, with good anti-corrosion effect. However, low molecular aliphatic hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons can soften and expand PP.

Polypropylene fiber (polypropylene, PP): Polypropylene has good wear resistance and high elastic recovery rate, and is an excellent thermoplastic fiber. Polypropylene felt is often used in low-temperature pulse filter bags in smelting plants and pulse filter bags in chemical and pharmaceutical plants. Polypropylene precision range: 0.1-500 μ m, high temperature 94 ℃.

5. Polypropylene has high frequency insulation characteristics, almost no water absorption, insulation performance is not affected by humidity, and high dielectric coefficient.

Filter bag manufacturers have advantages in price. Generally speaking, when we go to the store or dealer to buy, the price will be relatively high, because there are layers of middlemen from the manufacturer to the end customer, and the price difference is reflected in the product price. There are also quality problems. Compared with ordinary dealers, the manufacturer will have a much lower probability of counterfeiting, and the product quality control will be more strict and the quality will be more guaranteed.

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