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How to select dust collection filter bags?

April 28,2023

SFFILTECH dust collection filter bag is an important component of dust collection equipment, and the correct selection will directly affect the dust collection efficiency and service life of the equipment. The following are several important points to pay attention to when selecting dust filter bags:

Application environment: The environment in which the dust collection equipment is located is an important basis for selection. For example, in high-temperature environments, highly corrosive environments, high humidity environments, etc., different materials and models of dust removal bags need to be selected for different environments.

Dust properties: Different types of dust have different properties, such as particle size, shape, density, adhesion, etc. Different materials and models of SFFILTECH filter fabric dust collection bags need to be selected for different types of dust.

Gas flow rate: The suitable gas flow rate for SFFILTECH filter bags is one of the important parameters for selection. Excessive flow rate can easily cause damage to the bag or shorten its service life, while low flow rate can affect dust removal efficiency.

Filtering accuracy: The filtering accuracy of SFFILTECH filter cloth bags directly affects the dust collection efficiency. Choosing an appropriate filtering accuracy can effectively improve the dust collection efficiency.

Bag size: Accurately measuring the size of the SFFILTECH filter bag for dust collection equipment is an important step in selection, requiring accurate measurement of equipment parameters such as caliber, length, and outer diameter.

Correctly measuring the size of SFFILTECH dust collection bags can avoid the problem of mismatched filter bags caused by inaccurate dimensions.

Firstly, prepare the SFFILTECH dust filter bag to be measured and ensure that the surface of the bag is clean and free of debris.

Use tools such as a tape measure or ruler to measure the length, width, and caliber of SFFILTECH fabric bags. Generally speaking, the length and width of a cloth bag are the maximum size after unfolding, while the diameter is the diameter of the bag opening.

Confirm whether the measurement data is correct and match it with the customized dust removal equipment or existing filter bags to ensure the accuracy of the size.

If a customized filter bag is required, it is recommended to provide the measurement results to a professional SFFILTECH dust collection filter bag manufacturer to ensure that the bag can correctly match the dust removal equipment and provide better dust removal effect.

It should be noted that the measurement of filter bags should be carefully and carefully carried out to ensure the accuracy and matching of dimensions.

In summary, the selection of SFFILTECH filter bags requires consideration of multiple factors. Only by comprehensively considering the actual situation can a suitable dust removal bag be selected to improve dust removal efficiency and service life.

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