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How to store filter bags?

February 23,2022

The purchased filter bags shall be properly stored to avoid damage to the filter bags.


  1. The filter bag should be handled with care to avoid deformation or damage of the filter bag opening in the carton due to heavy pressure or throwing.


  1. The cartons for placing filter bags shall be stored in a room with ventilation, dryness, no sunlight exposure and far away from the fire source, and the number of stacking layers shall not exceed 4.


  1. The carton or plastic woven package for placing the filter bag shall be placed on the cushion partition, and the distance from the ground and the wall shall not be less than 300mm, so as to avoid directly stacking on the ground and causing moisture to the carton and filter bag.


  1. The filter bag shall not be damaged by insects and rats.


Conventional filter bags are stored as above, and some special filter bags need additional attention


The anti-static filter bag is generally equipped with electronic sensitive components, which should be stored in the anti-static cabinet or anti-static support in the anti-static workshop. Theanti-static filter baghas requirements for temperature and humidity.


PTFE filter bag is a new type of industrial dust removal material, which is widely used for wiping and daily use of various products. It requires less filtration for industrial dust removal and can effectively remove the dust pollution generated in industrial production. What are the storage requirements ofPTFE filter bag?


  1. PTFE filter bags shall not be exposed to direct sunlight, rain or dust.


  1. As long as the PTFE filter bag is properly kept, the use effect will not be reduced, but the viscosity will decrease slightly and the use will not be affected.


  1. Do not store the filter bag in a place with high ambient temperature and humidity.


  1. If the filter bag is not used up, please seal the opening of the PTFE filter bag in a cool and low temperature environment, and then put the remaining PTFE filter bags in one place as far as possible for use within a few months.


  1. The PTFE filter bag shall be used within 6 months according to the batch number of the outer box.

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