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How to use stainless steel multi-bag filter housing?

July 07,2022

Stainless steel multi-bag filter housing is professional liquid filtration equipment, which can effectively remove particles of different sizes in the liquid, so as to achieve the purpose of liquid filtration, purification, separation and recovery.Stainless steel multi-bag filter housingis mainly composed of three parts: filter container, supporting net basket and filter bag. When using the bag filter to filter the liquid, the liquid enters from the side of the filter container or the liquid inlet below, and rushes into the filter bag from above the filter bag supported by the net basket. The filter bag expands due to the impact of the liquid and the uniform pressure surface, so that the liquid material is evenly distributed on the inner surface of the whole filter bag. The liquid passing through the filter bag is discharged from the liquid outlet at the bottom of the filter along the metal supporting net basket wall. The filtered particle impurities are intercepted in the filter bag to complete the filtration process. In order to maintain the high efficiency and smoothness of the filter and the filtration accuracy and ensure that the downstream liquid is not polluted, stop the machine after running for a period of time, open the end cover of the filter, take out the intercepts and the filter bag together, and replace the new filter bag. The replacement cycle depends on the actual situation.


SFFILTECH industrial filter housing has been exported for many years and has been highly praised by users. There are many styles and displacement, and the liquid filter can be customized according to the working conditions. SFFILTECH is a professionalStainless steel multi-bag filter housing manufacturer.

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