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Impurity filter folding filter cartridge

November 27,2023

The impurity filter cartridge is a filter assembly specially designed to remove impurities from liquids.

The following are some features and applications of impurity filter cartridges:

Material: The material of the impurity filter cartridge is usually selected as a material with good compatibility for a specific liquid, such as polypropylene, polyester, glass fiber, etc. This ensures that no new contaminants are introduced during the filtration process.

Accuracy: The accuracy of the impurity filter cartridge can be adjusted according to different application requirements. Some processes that require high purity may require higher precision filtration, while general liquid handling may use relatively low precision filters.

Application field: Mainly used in the field of liquid treatment, such as drinking water treatment, liquid filtration in industrial production, chemical production, etc. In these areas, the impurity filter cartridge can effectively remove suspended particles, sediment, microorganisms and other impurities in the water.

Easy to replace design: In order to facilitate maintenance, some impurity filter cartridges are designed to be easily replaced, and users can easily replace the filter cartridge when it reaches its life or needs to be replaced.

Anti-blocking design: For some application scenarios that are prone to blockage, the impurity filter cartridge may be used for anti-blocking design to extend service life and reduce maintenance costs.

Multi-layer structure: In order to improve filtration efficiency, some impurity filter cartridges use a multi-layer structure, which can be filtered layer by layer, so as to remove impurities more thoroughly.

The choice of impurity filter cartridge depends on the specific liquid treatment needs, including liquid properties, impurity types, treatment flow rates and other factors. Its main role is to ensure the cleanliness and safety of liquid handling.

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