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Industrial coal-fired boiler dust collector filter bag

May 26,2023

The filter bag of the industrial coal-fired boiler dust collector is a core equipment used to reduce dust emissions in the combustion exhaust gas of coal-fired boilers. The coal-fired boiler dust collector mainly consists of filter bags, frameworks, ash cleaning systems, and other parts. Its working principle is to filter out the dust in the combustion exhaust gas, thereby achieving the goal of reducing dust emissions.

For industrial coal-fired boilers, it is usually necessary to choose a certain type of coal-fired filter bag to meet the special requirements of their combustion waste gas. The commonly used SFFILTECH coal-fired filter bag materials include polyester filter bags, polypropylene filter bags, PPS filter bags, PTFE filter bags, etc. SFFILTECH coal-fired filter bags made of different materials have different characteristics such as high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance. Therefore, it is necessary to choose suitable materials based on the actual situation.

When selectingcoal-fired filter bags, it is also necessary to pay attention to the following aspects:

The pore size of coal-fired filter bags and the type of filter material should be selected based on the size of dust particles and the physical and chemical properties of the dust.

The length and diameter of the industrial filter bag should match the design of the dust collector to ensure the filtration efficiency of the dust collector bag.

The material and structure of the skeleton should consider the service life and cleaning effect of the dust collector filter bag.

In short, the reasonable selection of industrial dust collection filter bags is an important means to ensure that industrial coal-fired boilers reduce dust emissions and maintain environmental cleanliness. SFFILTECH, aChinese filter bag manufacturer, has been established for 17 years and is a good choice for you.

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