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Installation method of dust collection filter bag

July 25,2023

The correct installation method for the filter bag of the dust collection system can refer to the following content:

1. When storing filter bags, they should be kept away from sources of fire, moisture, and direct sunlight to prevent heavy objects from falling into them. Squeeze. Before installation, each filter bag should be inspected to prevent mechanical damage.

2. The installer of the dust filter bag should dress neatly, and the pockets of the clothes should be clean. Do not carry cigarettes, matches, lighters, keys, knives, and other items to avoid falling into the filter bag. If the filter bag falls into debris, it must be removed. It is prohibited to wear shoes with nails or hard soles for installation. The personnel installing the filter bag should be fixed, their positions should be fixed, and their responsibilities should be clear. Everyone should make a record of the filter bags installed and sign on the record book.

3. Requirements for the installation environment of dust filter bags: The lighting on the installation site is sufficient, and equipment or debris unrelated to the installation must not be stored on site.

4. During the installation of the dust collector filter bag, smoking is strictly prohibited, and welding and cutting work in each area is strictly prohibited. It is also strictly prohibited to use lighters, matches, etc. to ignite the ignition source in the event of a fire. Power failure. After completing the installation work every day, it is necessary to calculate the number of installation tools to avoid missing or damaging the filter bags.

5. Requirements for installing filter bags: It is recommended to have two people install it. One person folds the cloth bag vertically and feeds it into the hole of the flower board, while the other person grabs and opens the rolled up paper bag filter bag. The cage frame should be aligned with the center, gently placed, and installed vertically.

6.Filter bag installation inspection: After installing the filter bag, check whether the joints are sealed and whether the sealing position is correct. Check if it is perpendicular to the trash can. If the bottom of the filter bag is found to be in contact or incorrect, please record and straighten it under the guidance of a dedicated person.

7. After installing the filter bag, the flower board should be gradually covered with canvas to prevent debris from falling into the filter bag. When installing the blowpipe, please cover the flower board with canvas to avoid damaging the filter bag opening. Manufacturer of filter bag production line equipment.

8. Special attention should be paid to the installation of the dust filter bag: the center of the blowing pipe hole, Venturi nozzle, filter bag frame, filter bag, and flower board should be consistent, and the deviation should be less than 2mm.

For more information on filter bags, please consult the manufacturer of sffiltech filter bags.

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