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Introduction to glass fiber dust filter bag

December 30,2022

The glass fiber filter bag, namely the glass fiber filter bag, is made of glass fiber as the main raw material by adopting the wet forming process. It has the characteristics of uniform fiber distribution, large dust capacity, small resistance, and large strength. Compared with other high temperature resistant needled felt, it has the special advantages of low price, low running resistance, high filtering accuracy and higher temperature resistance. After the treatment of polymer compound, the filter felt has good corrosion resistance, bending resistance and wear resistance. It can withstand high temperature of 260 ℃. It is suitable for high-temperature flue gas filtration in steel, metallurgy, carbon black, power generation, cement, chemical industry and other industries.

Glass fiber bag filter material:

It is glass fiber filter material, with long-term temperature resistance of 260 ℃ and instantaneous temperature resistance of 300 ℃; It has outstanding dimensional stability, high tensile breaking strength, strong corrosion resistance, smooth surface, hydrophobic and breathable, easy ash removal, and good chemical stability; It can resist the corrosion of most acids (except hydrofluoric acid), but the strong alkali at room temperature and the medium alkali at high temperature will corrode the glass; The disadvantage is that the water vapor has a certain impact on the glass fiber, the bending resistance and wear resistance are poor, and the service life of the filter material will be reduced when the filtering wind speed is high, the pulse dust removal or the dust removal is severe.

Main performance, advantages and application fields ofglass fiber dust filter bag:

1. Its derivative anti-static needle felt has the function of anti-corrosion, anti-static and electrostatic discharge of combustible dust such as blast furnace gas, coal mill bag dust collection, coal preparation plant, pulverized coal collection, flour plant and wood processing, and deriving static electricity.

2. Water and oil repellent needled felt can not only filter the dust containing gas at room temperature or high temperature, but also filter the corrosive dust containing gas containing acid and alkali, as well as water and oil.

3. Needle punched filter felt dust removal filter bag is a kind of fine short fiber filter material with polyester fibers interlaced and evenly distributed pores. The porosity is 70-80%, twice which of woven filter cloth.

4. The dedusting efficiency is high, which can filter more than 99% of the dust, and the gas emission concentration is low.

5. After hot rolling, singeing or coating, the surface is flat and smooth, not easy to block, not deformed, easy to clean, anti-bending and wear-resistant, and has a long service life.

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