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Is 10 or 20 micron better?

January 13,2023

Common liquid filter bags on the market include PE filter bag, PP filter bag and nylon filter bag. Generally, the precision of PE filter bag and PP filter bag is 0.1-200 μ; The precision of nylon filter bag ranges from 30 to 1250 microns.

Which is better, 10 microns or 20 microns?

In terms of filtering effect and impurities interception, the higher the filtering accuracy, the more impurities will be intercepted. The effect of 10 micron filter bag to intercept impurities is certainly higher than that of 20 micron filter bag.

It is generally believed that the higher the filtering accuracy, the better, and the higher the accuracy can intercept more impurities. However, this is not the case. Although the higher the accuracy of the filter bag, more impurities can be intercepted. However, these impurities will block the filter bag if they are stacked on the filter bag. A little longer time will reduce the liquid flow, seriously affecting the filtering efficiency and the service life of the filter.

How to select filter bag micron?

Choosing a suitable filter bag is a comprehensive consideration. It is necessary to comprehensively select the filter bag of which material, the number of micron filter bags, and how to use different filter bags to achieve the desired filtering results according to the filtering procedure, filtering effect, liquid flow rate, and cost.

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