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Is the high-efficiency air filter used in pharmaceutical factories chosen to be a high-efficiency air filter with or without partitions?

July 10,2023

SFFILTECH high-efficiency filters have the best cleaning effect for pharmaceutical factories, and are usually divided into two types: SFFILTECH high-efficiency air filters with partitions and SFFILTECH high-efficiency air filters without partitions. In order to improve filtration efficiency, SFFILTECH air filters without partitions are usually used, and the filter material used for high-efficiency filters in pharmaceutical factories mostly uses glass fiber.

Why do pharmaceutical companies choose SFFILTECH high-efficiency air filters without partitions? Is the performance of SFFILTECH HEPA air filters without partitions better than that of SFFILTECH air HEPA filters with partitions?

Many clean factories tend to choose non partition structures if they require a large batch of filters. Because the filter element partition in the HEPA filter with partition is made of aluminum foil and paper, thus forming a certain air passage. For paper materials, Kraft paper will be used if the quality is required to be good, offset paper will be used for most of the materials requiring hot roll forming, and Coated paper with double-sided adhesive will be used for most of the materials. These types of paper materials will emit many large particles when the temperature or humidity changes dramatically, which will cause the cleanliness of the clean workshop to fail to meet the requirements. Therefore, if a large number of filters are needed or in situations with high cleanliness requirements, customers would prefer to choose SFFILTECH high-efficiency air filters without partitions.

Meanwhile, the price of SFFILTECH without partitions is relatively low. In addition, the V-shaped channel formed by the partition free type is more conducive to improving the uniformity and consistency of dust containment, significantly extending its service life. Furthermore, due to the absence of metal components in the non partition high-efficiency air filter, it is easy to dispose of waste gas when scrapped, making it more environmentally friendly.

It can be seen that the high-efficiency air filter without a partition is superior to the high-efficiency air filter with a partition. Due to the lack of partitions, the size and mass of the air filter are reduced to a certain extent, which can reduce resistance during operation, resulting in a larger air volume. In the same space, it can generate larger air volume, which is more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving. At the same time, due to its small size and light weight, it is convenient for users to carry and install, and simplifies the daily maintenance work of maintenance personnel.

Air filters are increasingly recognized by people as they improve air quality and ensure people's health, and have been widely used.

For example, in industries such as medicine and food, various efficiency filters are indispensable

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